Boss'n Me - Our Kool RV

Adventure B4 Dementia


June 8. Delivery. Parked on the road opposite our house.

May 27.

Just finishing touches to be done now.

The flooring is in and the furniture is in place.

The 2 seater (which is close to a 3 seater) which folds out to a bed, is in place and the two recliners & ottomans are sitting ready to be unwrapped.


The entertainment unit is almost complete, with the T.V. in place, the sound system in the bulk head, and the wine fridge in the base.

The dinette is also installed now too.

May 19. We hitched Bossn Me on to the Dmax today for the first time. Very smooth and easy.

Inside has taken shape, with the final lounge room slide finished, the lounge suite is in place and the dining seating is now installed. The fridge, oven, washing machine etc are installed in the kitchen.

The bed is in place and the doors are on the wardrobe. In this shot, the wardrobe slide is almost fully in, nearly touching the side of the bed.

The ensuite is operational, just needs the glass shower doors and the wall mirror to be complete.

May 12. We're getting very close to delivery. So much work has been done that can't readily be seen. The split system air con has been fitted under the bedroom floor. Almost all of the plumbing is now complete as is the electrical wiring.

There are a couple of very visible external changes. The graphic decals have been applied and look great. The huge 5m x 2.5m awning is in place too.

There is a smaller awning over the large, rear 'picture' window and Boss'n Me has been formally branded!

External speakers are now in place as is the fold down external table.

April 15. The main lounge and smaller wardrobe slides are now finished and fully operational.

The stainless kitchen splash backs are going in as is the feature splash wall in the ensuite. The shower rose has been fitted and you can see the ensuite vanity and sink temporarily sitting in the bottom of the shower cubicle.


The entertainment unit is now in place in the main lounge slide. The bedroom slide is now in and operational and the bedroom vanity unit is in position (the cardboard box is sitting where the wardrobe will go).


April 8. BossnMe is now is now sitting on it's axles with the chrome mags on full display. The seals are being fitted around the main slide out. Furniture and final internal fitout should happen next week. The 'Boss' saw it for the first time today and seemed very happy with the progress. We also got to sit in our recliners!


March 31 . . . . starting to look like a 5th wheeler, with the large dining & entertainment unit slide now in place. 

Also, the front face plate and flashing is in place and the axles are about to be fitted. The chrome mag wheels have also arrived.


We're now starting to get a feel for the internal size once the slides are out.

The bedroom cabinets are also in place and the wardrobe slide is ready to be installed.







March 24 and the inside fit out has started. The kitchen cabinets look great, and the bedside cabinets can just be seen upstairs in the bedroom. 









The external travelling lights are now wired in and most of the external structural elements are completed. We should see the first of the slide outs in place next week.





March 10, approx. 2mths since we ordered Boss'nMe, and significant progress has been made.

With the first windows in place and the nose cone in position, it's really starting to look like a 5th wheeler now. The roof is on and all of the wiring is in place.

The large rear 'picture window' is in place. Looking through the large area for one of the slideouts, you can see the kitchen window, also inplace.

The walls are now up and we're almost enclosed. The cavity for the door and for the dinette slide out are visible on this side of the R.V. The cut out for the 'mega postcard window' can also be seen in the rear wall panel. 

February 18. The flooring is in and the first wall panel is up. The wall panel goes up in one piece and curves around the front to form the nose cone. The areas cut out of the wall panel are for the wardrobe and lounge suite slide outs. 

The R.V. is now being supported by the hydraulic jacks, two in the front and two at the rear.


January 28th. Construction is well underway. The chassis is almost finished and will soon head off for powder coating.